What Is The Cost To Fix Water Damage?

What is the cost to fix water damage, is one of the most common questions we get. However, learning about the cost of fixing water damage can help you manage your finances during this situation. The best way to find out the cost is to ask for an estimate from a professional restoration company like Millan’s Restoration (that provides free estimates)

During an estimate the restoration company must go to evaluate the property and inspect the damage. However, the answer is quite not that simple.

So, what does a water damage restoration company need to know before they can give an estimate?

  • The time the water sets and affects the restoration can increase costs. A clean water loss will degrade to black water loss over time depending on the temperature. The longer a water loss goes without being taken care of the more likely mold will start to grow. Once, mold starts growing this can bring additional problems and increase costs. Mold can grow as fast as 48 hours from the start of a water damage.
  • A huge factor during an estimate is the size of the affected area. Keep in mind during an estimate restoration companies have to take the total square footage of the water-damaged area and surfaces (floors, walls, and ceilings).
  • The affected surfaces can have different costs due to the materials being used and damaged. A loss on an upper floor will often impact floors underneath as well.
  • We have to take in consideration the extent of the damage and how much water is involved in the damage.
  • Every job is different and requires different equipment. The type and amount needed to dry the property is based on the following scenarios we mentioned above (category of water, size of damage, surfaces, etc).

For professional water damage restoration or mold remediation, contact Millan’s Restoration and get a free estimate. Give us a call 800-844-5419


3 thoughts on “What Is The Cost To Fix Water Damage?”

  1. It’s nice to know that one can get an accurate estimate of how much the restoration will cost by looking at the affected surfaces, as each has different costs. Our garage was flooded and almost all of it was damaged by water. I’ll have this estimated by an expert as soon as possible so that we will know how much it will cost for it to be restored.

  2. It sure is nice to know that one of the factors that water restoration service companies look at when giving an estimate would be the size of the affected area, taking into account the total square footage of the water-damaged area and surfaces. One of my friends mentioned that it rained heavily in their area last night, causing some of the areas in his basement and garage to be drenched in water and is in need of restoration. I will mention this to him so that it will be easier for him to compare the costs of different restoration companies that he will contact.

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