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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Service
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Get the Most Affordable Water Damage Restoration Service in California in the fastest time!

It’s no doubt that the water damage could be caused by natural reasons like heavy rain & flooding. But depending on the structure of your house it could occur at any time. When Ignored, Water Damage could lead to health problems.

With time, the moisture levels could increase, leading to bacterial growth & release of harmful particles that may hurt your family.

Even the smallest cracks and wet patches shouldn’t be ignored, as they could cause huge problems in the future.
When Mixed with electricity, there is a risk of exposing yourself to electric shock or fire & your utility bills could be wasted.

Fortunately for you, We have just the Solution!

Millan’s Restoration, Inc. specializes in evaluating water damage and repairing it. We respond to every Water Damage Restoration Emergency within 1 hour & Our priority is to protect your property and its contents.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services Include the following:

  • Water or Sewage Waste Extraction
  • Removal of Soaked Carpet & Padding
  • Anti-microbial & mildew treatment of floors to eradicate any remaining bacteria
  • Fast drying of wet carpets on location or on plant
  • Exclusive Moving Service to secure your belongings
  • Carpet Reinstallation
  • Steam cleaning of hard floor surfaces affected by sewage wastes or Oil
Extraction of any Standing Water & Flood

After a Flood, the steps will be taken to remove as much of the standing water as possible

Removal of Personal Items damaged by water

Restoration Specialists at Millan’s will deal with removing potentially hazardous material, so you won’t have to.

Eliminating Water Damage

Removal of Contaminated items & damaged surfaces by an expert restoration service provider.

Installation of New Materials or Replacing the Damaged Ones

Installation of additional ventilators, Water-resistant floors & drywalls + mold-resistant paints

Water Damage FAQ
  • Faulty appliances
  • Plumbing mishaps
  • Deteriorating foundation
  • Natural disasters
  • Turn off water supply to your house
  • Disconnect electrical appliances in the affected rooms
  • Move furniture or other perishable possessions from the affected area
  • Take photos and videos during the different stages for insurance claim purposes
  • Call Millan’s Restoration

Our expert specialists start with a detailed assessment using Hi-tech equipment, including moisture & humidity level checks.

Then any of your possessions that are beyond repair will be removed to prevent extended mold growth.

  • High utility bill
  • Musty smell
  • Mold growth
  • Outdated water supply system
  • Appearance changes to ceiling, walls, and flooring

Drywalls are usually replaced after water damage, so you don’t have to worry about structural integrity of your property.

When exposed to water or moisture, electrical wiring could lead to corrosion. It’s recommended for you to perform an electrical and water supply system inspection for your house once a year.

Depending on the severity damage, your water damaged carpet either could be fixable or not. However, replacing them would be a smart move.

It depends on the type of property and the extent of damage done to your property. But rest assured, you’ll get the most affordable price in the entire California!

Water Damage Restoration Service
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