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Tips for facing Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire Damage can be a devastating disaster when it strikes. Over the past years fire has became a prevalent threat, many insurance companies have tried to cut off fire insurance claims in attempt to put more money back into their pocket. Many areas of your home are completely destroyed during fires, and the last thing you want are insurance companies giving you a difficult time with your claim.

Tip #1 – Let’s check your policy 

 Contacting your insurance agent is always a great start. They should be there to guide you every step of the way. Agents should be able to walk you through this entire process and let you know about your policy and how it will take affect.

Tip #2 – Securing your home

Many insurance companies require you to take certain steps to protect your property after a fire. Every homeowners coverage policy is different when going through this process. Many of these steps are very simple, such as turning off the water if you find a pipe that burst. Again, contact your agent to insure your policy will pay these costs when filing a claim.

Tip #3 – Don’t wait, file your claim right away

Every insurance policy will require you to report your loss as soon as possible. Calling your agent and filing a “proof of loss claim” will speed up the process and help itemize your losses in detail. The longer you wait, the longer it will take for the company to send an adjuster to deal with your claim.

Tip #4 – Keeping track of expenses

Insurance policies will include a loss of use clause, which entitles you to adequate reimbursement for living expenses while you’re out of your home. Keep in mind, these expenses only include additional living expenses, meaning the difference between what it costs you to live on a daily basis and what it is costing you now.

Repairing fire damage is a lengthy process, and dealing with your insurance could be difficult process. If you’ve experienced a small isolated fire or a complete burn down, you need a fire damage company to properly assess the damage. For professional Fire damage restoration, contact your Millan’s Restoration 800-844-5419.

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I’m really glad that you talked about the tips for facing fire and smoke damage. I’ll take your tip to call the agent and file for proof of loss claim. My mom had a small fire outburst in their house yesterday, thank God nothing serious happened. I’m now helping them to recover from the damages and trauma they are experiencing right now.

Thanks for explaining how fire and smoke damage can be dealt with. It’s good to know that you should try to file your claim quickly to help itemize your losses in detail. This also seems important if it can help get any damaged done to the home addressed quickly.

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