Upon arriving at the scene, our disaster control officers will provide extraction of water or sewage waste, removal of wet carpet, padding, set up of drying equipment.


Which is spawn by moisture, can eat away at wood framing and floors, produce intoxicating odors, and lead to rather serious health risks.


Upon arriving at the scene, our disaster control officers are prepared to clean up debris, remove soot, ozone treatment, packing of all contents for restoration and storage to our facility.


Our disaster control officers are equipped to meet emergency demands. We are coordinated and organized to offer the highest quality of help.


We also help provide Contents & Structural Repairs to get you back to pre-loss condition.


Welcome to Millan’s Restoration

Founded in 1995 Millan’s Restoration, Inc has become a leader in disaster recovery services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in water damage Anaheim CA. Millan’s prides itself on minimizing life and business interruptions and problems resulting from flooding, fire, smoke, mold or any other environmental hazards by providing full restoration, remediation, and reconstruction services. Millan’s is committed to going beyond insurance company’s requirements and beyond clients expectations. One of the company’s objectives is to provide higher professional focus and personal involvement than competitors. The result of unmatched combination of dedication and enthusiasm has produced a broad portfolio of successful projects, extreme satisfied clients, and most challenging set of standards for the industry



Water Damage

Water DamangeUpon arriving on the scene, our Water damage Anaheim CA service technicians will provide: Extraction of water or sewage waste, removal of wet carpet & padding, anti-microbial & mildew treatment of carpet, concrete or other flooring surfaces, drying of carpet on location or in plant, removal and storage of belongings, equipment left on water damage Anaheim CA site to mitigate damage to the structure, and re-installation of carpet.

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MoldMold is a relatively simple organic fungi that can be found indoors which needs only water, oxygen and an organic source to be present in order to survive and spread. Mold threatens the structural reliability of the home/building. It will eat away at wood framing and floors, produce intoxicating odors, and lead to rather serious health risks.

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Fire, Smoke & Odor Restoration

Fire and SmokeWhen Emergency crews arrive on location, we are prepared to Clean up debris, remove heavy soot, dry chemical sponge wall & ceilings, cleaning of all contents, removal of contents to our warehouse for cleaning, soot set air ducts ad cleaning of vents, thermo fogging to remove odor from building and attic, ozone removal of odor from building, dry cleaning and washing of drapes, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.

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ContentsWe understand that there may not be a replacement to some of your valuables that have been affected by water or fire damage. This is why our trained certified staff will handle your contents with outmost care to ensure the security and safe return of your belongings after careful cleaning.

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ReconstructionAfter the traumatic event of Water Damage Anaheim CA, Mold Infestation, Fire Damage, Millan’s Restoration, Inc. provides full service water damage restoration needs. We will return the current chaos to its Productive Pre-Loss condition.

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