5 Signs Of Mold Contamination In Your Home

5 Signs Of Mold Contamination In Your Home

If you have ever experienced Mold, then you know it is a huge health risk especially when it grows inside your home. MOLD starts growing fast (24-72 hours after contamination), and is incredibly dangerous.

Below are a few health factors MOLD impacts:

  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue/sleepiness
  • Lack of energy
  • Vomiting
  • Fevers
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting

If MOLD is left unattended it can lead to serious health problems. Since health is an important factor to your family, please keep a lookout for the following signs.

5 Signs Of Mold Contamination In Your Home

Sign # 1 – Visible Mildew/Mold in bathroom

Mildew can be a common issue with many bathrooms that are often wet. However following proper steps can prevent these future issues.

  • Keep bathroom windows open
  • Make sure to use proper ventilation
  • Keep shower curtains/doors open after use
  • Wipe/Spray down mildew with proper cleaning products (mildew/mold protection)

Sign # 2 – Moisture

Mold doesn’t take long to grow, if you suspect an area in your home that seems to be wet often (basements, bathrooms,) then this is a major sign. If it is not taken care right away it can lead to  to visual mold. ( See our next step for how mold starts to grow!)

Sign # 3 – Odd Color Mold on any surface (no matter the size)

Finding visual mold is always a problem, it confirms mold is active. Often times if mold is in a certain spot/area it might be in another spot as well. If you see mold growing on walls, near sinks or areas that contain water close by. Call a professional ASAP, you will want to get this tested and make sure it is not harmful. Many times folks will go to the store and just by a simple cleaning product and wipe down the surface. This tends to works for sometime, but it tends to come back (hence… there’s a bigger problem somewhere else!)

Sign # 4 – Odd smell (mildew smell)

Often times when mold/mildew starts to form we tend to be able to smell it it ( think of wet clothes that has been left in the washer to long) Now imagine that when you walk into the bathroom or basement. Finding the source of the smell can save you money and from health risks like dizziness, tiredness, and fever like symptoms.

Sign # 5 – The symptoms……(the start of health risks)


Ever felt tired, dizzy or felt sick when around mildew/mold? These are signs that the mold has been active for a very long time. Mold can really impact your health as your body tries to fight it. Make sure to contact a professional immediately if there is mold/mildew in your home and you have been getting these symptoms. Often times this is a huge sign there is something much worse hiding behind the mold and within the walls.

What to do if I suspect Mold?

The best thing to do is to call a professional. Especially if you start getting symptoms. What a professional will do is test the mold. These test will let them know if there is any need for remediation and how severe the situation is. Air sample or a swab of the mold will give them information on how to proceed.

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  1. I like that you said that it’s time to call a professional if you’re experiencing dizziness and other health concerns. My husband said that it seems that there are signs of mold spores in our house because his allergy is getting triggered. He said that he has been feeling unwell these past few days, so I’ll make sure to have our house tested professionally as soon as possible.

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