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How to repair water-damaged drywall in water damage project in Santa Ana, CA in 2023?

How to repair water damaged drywall

An instant of attention can result in a life-altering event that can disastrously impact homeowners and business owners. After a devastating event like a flood, fire, or earthquake, knowing where to begin rebuilding your life can be challenging. Millan’s Restoration is here to help you in your time of need by providing restoration services and drywall water damage repair in Santa Ana, CA in 2023. With a team of skilled and sympathetic restoration specialists and cutting-edge equipment, we work efficiently to make your life normal as soon as possible.

Methods for Checking drywall water damage

Checking for dampness in the drywall is the first order of business. The drywall is likely moist if it feels damp to the touch or there are apparent water stains on it. Paint flaking or peeling off the drywall is another indicator of water damage. If you can’t find any water damage, mold growth indicates that the drywall has been moist. Most houses have mold spores already, but the spores need a warm, damp environment to flourish. The presence of mold on sheetrock is unmistakable evidence of moisture.

Using a moisture meter, you can determine if the drywall is damp. There are moisture meters for sale at most home improvement stores and hardware stores. The probes are inserted into the drywall, and a reading is taken.

The drywall is presumably dry if the moisture meter does not register any moisture. If the percentage is higher than 15%, the drywall needs to be checked further; if it’s higher than 25%, the drywall is moist and needs to be fixed.

Man repairing collapsed ceiling.

Drywall Damage: Possible Causes

Drywall water damage can have several origins. The most typical examples are:

Water damage leading to mold in a drywall


If your home has flooded, the drywall may have been damaged. Mold growth is another health risk associated with floodwaters, which can contain sewage and other toxins. The roof is leaking. Wet drywall can also be the result of a roof leak. It’s essential to have a professional fix your roof if you think it might be leaking.

Home flooding with water

Cracked Pipes

Water damage to the floor, walls, and furniture can be substantial after a pipe burst floods the space. When a pipe springs a leak, getting it fixed as quickly as possible is essential to avoid more costly repairs.

Cracked pipe near a number of bricks

How to repair water damaged Drywall Water Damage

After everything has been cleaned up, any drywall damage must be fixed. To do this, use a putty knife to remove the damaged area and joint compound to fill up the resulting gap.

Black spots of toxic mold and fungus bacteria on a white wall. Concept of condensation, damp, water infiltration, high humidity and respiratory problems.
  • Make sure the drywall has adequate time to dry before handling it. Drying can be done by using a fan and opening windows and doors to allow air circulation.
  • If the sheet of drywall is severely damaged, you may need to replace it altogether. If the damage is minor, however, a patch may be all that’s required.
  • After the drywall water damage has been repair, it can be primed and painted. To stop water damage from happening again, you need to do more than discover the source of the leak and fix it. 

It’s best to get a professional’s opinion if you’re unsure what went wrong or how to repair the damage.

In Conclusion:

Drywall water damage could happen due to flooding or cracked pipes in your property and there are multiple ways of taking care of it after checking the area where the damage has happened. Consider drying the wall first using a fan, replace the drywall if it’s severely damaged and paint the drywall after the repair to strengthen the drywall and prevent water damage in the further future. If you’re looking for professional help on repairing the drywall damage and more, contact Millan’s restoration today and get a free consultation.