Water Damage

It is common to think of water damage as being the result of heavy rains and flooding. However, water damage can occur any time and from various sources. Faulty pipes, clogged toilets, sewer lines, to name a few can cause significant damage if not caught in time.

Millan’s Restoration, Inc. specializes in evaluating flood damage and repairing it. We respond to every Water Damage Restoration Emergency within 1 hour. Our priority is to protect your property and its contents. Upon arriving at the scene, our service technicians will provide:

  • Extraction of water or sewage waste
  • Removal of wet carpet and padding
  • Anti-microbial & mildew treatment of carpet, concrete or other flooring surfaces
  • Drying of carpet on location or in plant
  • Removal and Storage of belongings
  • Equipment left on site to mitigate damage to the structure
  • Reinstallation of Carpet
  • Steam cleaning of hard floor surfaces affected by sewage wastes or Oil

Millan’s Restoration, Inc. works directly with insurance companies to ensure highest level of satisfaction and to eliminate any out of pocket charges to you.

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